Thursday, June 4, 2009

Full Moon

Typically, when a full moon is about to shine we notice a change in the preschoolers energy level. They are more rambunctious, loud and a bit on the wild side. It's a funny thing how that works, even before we know it's going to be a full moon, we can always guess just by the mood of the children, that a full moon is on the rise. So today that's what it felt like, they were full of vin and vigor, very active, and extra loud but the weather told a different story. It was hot, humid and cloudy, more like a summer rain with a touch of thunder than a full moon. Weird, maybe the children are acting silly because schools almost out, June 9th is their last day, it could be summer fever instead. Being that they were too busy for the indoors, we took them out for a longer playtime, in which they thoroughly enjoyed riding bikes and swinging on the swing set. I was watching the ones swinging and noticed one of our cute little girls running towards a boy on the swing. She was holding her shorts as she ran, so I thought maybe they were too loose around the waist and were about to fall down, I couldn't have been more wrong. She stopped, turned around facing away from him, dropped her shorts and exposed her bare bottom, giving him a full moon.
It definitely was a lunar moment, just not the one I was expecting to see today and actually,
in all honesty, I was quite astonished. Never before in all my years of working with these little people, had anyone mooned another child. I'm not even going to try and figure out what prompted such an action, but what I can say is, just when I thought I seen it all, I actually did......