Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Job Chart

Every day each child gets the opportunity to select what job they want by placing their picture in the slot next to a specific job. The choice's are: Line Leader, snack helper, count the kids, copy helper, wagon master, bell ringer, light helper and the coveted job - Song leader. Yes, song leader, for some reason that has become an area of control among two of our preschoolers.

During the job chart activity, the children anticipate their names being pulled from the stack so they can choose a job. Now there's just one little boy who truly cares what job he gets, and he watches with great intensity as he waits his turn, "Teacher I want to be song leader" he announces, as a classmate chooses what they want. "Teacher, I want to be song leader," he repeats, as another job gets filled. On the verge of being frantic, he once again makes his point, "Teacher, I want to be song leader!" The only other child in class that picks up on his enthusiasm is a little girl that knows how to push his buttons. Guess what happens? Her name gets drawn before his........Can you guess what comes next? She chooses....

Song Leader! Ohhhhhhh, the disappointment. "Teacher, I wanted to be song leader," he complains as he folds his arms in disgust. Bingo! Just the reaction she was after, mission complete.

This carries over to the next day. Here we go again, "Teacher I want to be song leader" to his amazement, his name gets drawn first, and with all the attitude a four year old can muster,

puts his picture next to the coveted job, turns to his competitor, looks at her square in the eyes and says, "I'm song leader."

Quietly, under her breath, she whines, "I want to be song leader."

Who would have thought, in the world of a preschooler, being the song leader is the one that holds the power........

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