Thursday, February 4, 2010

Get Fit, Preschool Style....

There are so many ways one can get in shape. You can join a gym for a small fee, they offer a wide variety of exercise equipment, although it does take determination and dedication. Going for a walk with a friend gives exercising a fun way to socialize. There's jogging, but who like to jog. You can even purchase the Wii Fit games, what will they think of next. I've personally never tried it but I hear it can be a lot of fun. Getting to the point, I don't like fitness gyms, for some reason I get overwhelmed when I see a room filled with equipment and I don't know where to start. I suppose I could use a personal trainer...maybe. I do like to walk, but I consider myself a fair weather walker and with way our weather has been behaving lately, walking has been out of the question. Let me tell you the number one way in my book, is the best method for getting into shape.

My job. Yep, let me tell you how it's done:

Cardiovascular: Dance and move with a room full of preschoolers to fun, fast, upbeat music or chase after a runner who escaped.

Leg and thigh: Sit on the floor with a child on your lap then get up, or just getting up and down out of small chairs does the trick.

Arms: Holding and lifting a child that has no way to support themselves, or helping a child walk because their legs all of a sudden turned into noodles. This will definitely put muscle on your arms, if your back doesn't give out first.

Stomach: Sitting on floor playing with someone, then reaching for a child, without getting up, who is doing something he or she shouldn't be doing, and pulling them in towards you. Works those abs every time.

It is the consent movement, the darting and sprinting, as well as the up and down that keeps me fit. I come home tired and exhausted, much like one would feel after spending time in the gym. The best part is, I'm getting paid.

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