Monday, October 11, 2010

The eye of the storm?

I keep waiting for the bomb to drop, the honeymoon to be over, the tornado to roll in, some kind of indication that the kids we have this year aren't the perfect little angles they are appearing to be. Seriously, we have never had such a quiet, mellow, calm class before. Oh it may start out that way in the beginning, but usually after a week or two they start to show their true colors.

There's no rainbow here, only the pot of gold. Both our morning class and afternoon class have the sweetest children. I'm not sure what to make of it. I mean really, we have never had a class without having some kind of kid that packs his own dynamite. The one that explodes at a drop of a hat. Personally speaking, I actually like and gravitate towards the t n t. I like the ones that have a bit of sparkle, a touch of stubbornness, ok I'll be honest, a lot of stubbornness and explosive behavior. I really do.

Those types of behaviors are my favorite to deal with and with the classes this year, I'm not seeing it.

I should count my blessings and enjoy the calm. It's still early in the game and since we screen kids all year there's still a chance we could pick one up. For now, there's nothing on the schedule but in this type of profession, anything can happen...... anything.

I've made the mistake before thinking I've seen it all, so I'll just hold on, indulge in the sweetness and see what happens.


  1. you are going through the best kind of dilemma

  2. It's the calm before next year's storm, lol!