Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Body Part Game

Touch your finger to your ear (repeated by children) touch your wrist to your nose (repeated by children) touch your elbow to your knee, touch your knee to your ankle, touch your wrist to your chin."The song continues with a pop-rock tune as the preschool children follow along dancing and imitating the movements provided by the teachers.

Greg and Steve have been around for years with their educational music designed to target young children which is why the preschool staff uses their Cd's as part of our music time.

This particular song brings a smile to my face every time we dance to it, not just because it's a fun and interactive but because of a couple of our children this year have body part issues.

Let me explain. We have one little boy who, due to a type of cancer, has had one of his eyes removed and replaced with a prosthetic one. To look at him straight on one would never know. His mother sends him in glasses, not for his vision but for protection. His lenses are not prescription. When we first met her, as well as her son, she mentioned in a nonchalant way, he has popped his eye out before. She instructed us if it was to happen in class we can just put it back in.

At this point I thinking, 'Lady if it happens on my shift I'll be calling you." Can you imagine an eye rolling on the classroom floor with preschoolers around. "Hey kids, stop and listen, we need to find 'Johnny's' eye.

Then there's the other little boy who is deaf without his cochlear implant. His implant is much like a hearing aid but with a magnetic device that attaches to one side of his head.

He's been known to remove it and if that being the case, I'm not afraid to put it back on. The only danger is if the magnetic touches the other side of his head where his shunt resides. It's a tricky situation.

So as we dance and move to 'The body part game' I'm hoping we don't have to 'Put your eye in the socket, remove the implant from your shunt.......'

"That's the way we play the body part game."

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