Monday, May 17, 2010

The Line Leader

Circle time is where we sing, 'Who's come to school today' as each child looks at them self in a mirror before passing it on to the next child. We also sing the 'Hello' song then move on to the job chart. Ah the job chart, this is where they choose what job they get to do for the day such as, song leader, light helper, copy helper, wagon master, bell ringer, count the kids and line leader.

Ever year we have a different group of kids, and every year one of the jobs becomes the coveted job. The Job Chart This year in our afternoon class we have two preschoolers who always want to be the line leader. The minute they get off the bus, they race to be the first in line but because we are top notch teachers with excellent observation skills we see right through their greedy little ways. I'll usually take a child who really doesn't care and let them lead us into the classroom. The job doesn't become official until circle time and then it becomes the luck of the draw.

A little Missy, who is one that always wants to be the line leader, did not get the coveted job. I can't even remember what job she ended up with but as we lined up to go out side she was right behind our leader friend riding her heels. When we lined up to get on the bus, the little Missy picked up her pace and walked alongside our line leader. Using my great observation skills I saw what she was doing and reminded her she needed to stay in line and get behind the leader, then continued to remind her it was not her turn to be the leader in fact she was, what ever job it was that I can't remember. She simply replied, " I know that, I'm helping her."

Yeah, well I don't recall ever having an assistant line leader, but leave it to our little Missy to come up with one.


  1. That is a very clever answer. People don't usually get in trouble if they're "helping."

  2. I love the idea of an assistant line leader. As long as it's not me. I have to be the leader.