Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Art Critics

Two little first grade girls, heck they could have been in kindergarten for all I know, were walking past the preschool room when they noticed some snowmen on display.

Critic #1: "That artwork isn't very good." 

Critic #2: "Well, at least they tried."

I mean really, it's why they call it art...right?


  1. I guess you better put their artwork on display where only the mommies will see it. We love what our kids do. Don't let those budding artists hear those comments. I love kids art. (more than scouts..haha..I should have lived next door to you!)

  2. Oh ouch! But that kinda sorta is absolutely hilarious!

  3. oh my!
    i love that they gave them a little credit for "trying." hahaha.

  4. Tough crowd! I like to reference the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where they sang, "there is no right or wrong, when it comes to making art!"

  5. Well what do you think you look like when you are a macaroni snowman with leprosy? - I think they BOTH are perfect! W.C.C.

  6. Hi Saimi!!

    What a sweet blog you have!
    I love this art post.. and so very true.. Art is such a personal thing... one mans dislike.. anothers Michaelangelo!

    Thanks for following me.... I love to meet new friends! :)