Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Three Little Pigs

"Little pig, little pig let me come in!" growls the Big Bad Wolf  just before he blows the poorly constructed house to oblivion. Little pig narrowly escapes and the frustrated hungry wolf  moves on to the next little piggy on the market, his brother.  The story continues with the angry wolf  huffing and puffing and the little pigs out witting and out lasting the wolfs wrath.

The kids get the biggest kick out of imitating the wolf and his deep voice, as a matter of fact they love everything about the Three Little Pigs.

We dance and sing to a song by Greg and Steve who tell the story with their guitar blues beat, we paint, color and cut art activities pertaining to the three little pigs and replay the story using flannel board characteristics.

By the time we finish with the Three Little Pigs unit the children know all about the big bad wolf and each individual pig.

I'd like to share an email from a parent regarding her daughters enthusiasm for the Three Little Pigs.

"I'm so glad to hear she is doing well.  She LOVES school.  She is so angry on Mondays and Fridays when her siblings go to school and she has to stay home with me.  We have been so entertained with her version of Three Little Pigs.  She uses different voices for the wolf and the pigs, and I had to record her and send the video to her grandparents!  She took it to another level this morning when she was hiding behind the couch so I couldn't clean her face off after breakfast.  I told her to come out from behind the couch, and her little voice responded, "Not by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin!"  It was so hard not to laugh!"

It's comforting to know we are instilling positive behavior in the children.

Now get your jam on as you listen to this video, it's just another reason why I love preschool.

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