Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who's on first?

One of the options on the job chart is to be the 'kid counter.'  The child who chooses to count the kids stands in front of the other children, sitting in a circle, and by starting with himself he'll put his hand on his own head and count, 'One' then proceed around the circle touching each child on the head one at a time while continuing to count out loud.

Some of the children have mastered this task without the aid of a teacher but there are a few who still need assistance.

One boy in particular chose to count the kids as his job. Enthusiastically he jumped from his chair and took his position in front of the other children. The teacher conducting circle helped place his hand on his head and proceeded to count, 'One......'

Usually the child would repeat after the teacher but this little boy continued....'two' as he touched his own head.

The teacher tried again. Placing his hand on his head she began...'one' and the boy said, 'two'

She's like, 'say one' and he goes 'two' so another teacher decided to help and took his hand.

 She placed it on his head and said, 'one' then as she had him touch another child she said 'two' hoping he would catch on but he said, 'three.'

She tried again. With his hand on his head she said, 'One' he'd say, 'Two'

It was quite comical but we're trying not to laugh.

He seemed to have the number sequence down, it was the concept of applying it the counting process that had him stumped.

Finally with full assistance she placed his hand on his head, and said, 'One' then immediatley had him touch another child and said, 'Two' before he had a chance to interject. She continued assisting him with the third child.

After he got passed the third one he caught on and continued to count the rest of the class.

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