Monday, October 28, 2013

Dress up

It's the time of year where costumes come out and kids get ready for Halloween. Batman, Spiderman, Snow White and every other kind of Princess and super hero will swarm the neighborhoods collecting treats which, goes without saying, will keep them on a sugar high for weeks to come.
Our Preschool also partakes in the Halloween festivities. 
If you were to visit our classroom you would see spiders, pumpkins and sweet candy decorating the walls.
You would also see us dancing and singing to Halloween songs.
My all time favorite is: Witches Brew by Hap Palmer

 Besides the songs and artwork, the kids also enjoy dressing up in the costumes we have available.
You see, real girls aren't afraid to wear football uniforms and play construction worker…..provided she has her handbag, that is...

We also have another little girl who comes dressed up everyday with matching shoes no matter the outfit.

I believe her mother is creating a shoe…

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